they’re really here!


As I sit back and look at all the prayers, supporters, host families and so many more that participated in this initiative, I’m truly amazed.  They’re really here, ya’ll.

All four girls arrived in Jacksonville 2 weeks ago.  After 21 hours of traveling, they were welcomed to America by over 30 people that loved them in such a wonderful way.  Aika looked at me that night and said, “wow, I feel like such a celebrity!” What a beautiful picture of family and community.

After the girls arrived, they spent the first week living with me.  We had many adventures, and the girls were officially “oriented” to America.  We spent days at the beach, the pool, putt-putt and laser tag at Adventure Landing, the zoo, and playing card games late into the night.  They tried hamburgers (they affectionately refer to it as “American-sized food), blueberries and frozen yogurt for the first time.

I wish each of you could be there for the moments when these girls open their welcome backpacks.  When they drool over the delicious meal provided.  When they see elephants for the first time at the zoo.  Where they look at me teary-eyed and say “Kelly, we had no idea how many people did so many things for us.  We are so, so grateful.”

I wish I could write every funny story, but the only way I know how to give you the best idea of how wonderful and special and appreciative these girls are is to let you see the stories yourself.

The girls are miracles.  And they are so appreciative of all you did to bring them here.

Many people ask if there’s anything they can do to help.  Right now, my biggest need is meals.  The girls are over at my place on Mondays and Thursdays, and a big blessing to me would be either crock pot meals or meals delivered on those day. If that is something that would be of interest to you, please let me know.

I’ll be sure to pass along stories and updates during their time here.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions.

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