may 2015.

one month to go!

what’s going on in Kazakhstan, with The Greatest Exchange, and in these girls’ lives

The girls are arriving in Jacksonville in 30 DAYS!

Bereke, Donna and Aika have received FULL CLEARANCE from the American embassy in Kazakhstan, and are officially coming to America.  Yahoo!

Make sure you save the date- Friday May 29th at 5:30pm all four girls will be arriving in the Jacksonville International Airport.  We would love to have a big party waiting for them- balloons, signs, and a bunch of Americans that are eager to meet them.  If you are available to come, please do!  All are welcome- the more the merrier!

If you would like to serve by providing meals during their firstweek in America, please sign up HERE.  They will all be living at my house, and this would be a great opportunity to love on (and meet!) all four girls at one time.More appreciation than I can put into words-

Kelly Ray
The Greatest Exchange

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