summer 2020 program.

Dear GE Family,

I am so saddened to have to finally put this into words, but the time has come- The Greatest Exchange Summer 2020 Program has been officially canceled.

So much has happened over the last nine months- on both sides of the world- to prepare and plan for our summer program. We’ve navigated through dozens of canceled flights, changing summer camps, embassy rejections, TWO governments with wavering regulations…all while acknowledging the emotions and realities of leading people on both sides of the world through a worldwide pandemic. However, yesterday all the “lights turned red” when flights were canceled, job offers rescinded, and border control tightened. Everything that could be done had been done, and now, it was time to close this door.

We are disappointed and grieving the time lost and doors closed. But we have seen so much good in this season. We’ve been blessed with weekly meetings with our GE girls in KZ, which has now become a highlight of our week. We’ve watched our girls experience love and joy from host families that they may not be able to physically hug, but they KNOW loved them. We’ve developed sweet relationships with our 2020 girls, watching returners grow in leadership skills. We may not have physically been able to cross oceans and move mountains this season, but movement and miracles are undeniable.

This is not the end of Greatest Exchange- we are a family. And The Greatest Exchange was never truly about a program or a season.

Thank you to all that have supported and loved us through this journey. A special thank you to our host families, who truly laid down their lives for another. And finally, I can never thank enough Katie and Megan for all of their hard work and contributions to our GE Family. You are loved, appreciated, and valued.

We are grateful to all of you and your support.

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