meet aigul.

“I’m really, really thankful that these people blessed me.  I’m thankful to you.”

-Aigul, Summer 2014 and 2015

Aigul never dreamed that she would have the opportunity to see America- growing up in an orphanage in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

After meeting Aigul in fall 2013, we knew we would move mountains if that’s what it would take to get her to America. And, through nothing short of a miracle, she came.

hugThrough her job as a camp counselor, she was able to make 6x the amount of money that she would make in an entire year.  That money was able to pay for furniture and even provide her with enough to put towards savings.

But Aigul’s life was changed far beyond anything money can buy. She lived life with families, experienced true community, and further explored what an American workplace and relationships truly looked like.

To this day, Aigul would say she came to America to learn the tools to transform her city, specifically the orphanage she grew up in.  After she returned to America, she got married to an amazing man who she grew up with in the orphanage.  Together, they are now serving as the “Mom and Dad” in the orphanage- loving on kids and providing a life for them that they never had before.  Aigul is thriving and truly making a difference in her city, changing lives forever.aigul

Aigul was the first of the miracles we were able to experience through The Greatest Exchange. And she is also currently the most effective “future Greatest Exchange” recruiter in Kazakhstan– constantly looking for others who would love the opportunity to have a life- changing summer.


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