meet the girls.


dana“The last two summers I have spent in America were the best in my life! I had never met so many lovely and open people and had so much fun with them. I believe that there will never ever be anything in my life what will be able to beat these 5 months of two last summers or bring more true excitement.”  

-Dana, Summer 2015 and 2016



“It was literally the best summer in my life. I’m so thankful. My favorite part about the whole program is that you all give such big opportunities to Kazakh girls, and make their heart bigger and give the feeling that every dream is real.  I want everybody in The Greatest Exchange to understand what great things they do. They are literally changing the world, making a few little hearts happy.”

-Gulassem, Summer 2016



“Both of the summers were full of adventures, fun, and sweet memories, exploring real America, trying food, activities like game nights, crazy roller-coasters, picnic (with picnic basket on red and white picnic blanket), baseball cage and more! But my favorite part of the summer is definitely the people.  I do have moments when my heart melt and I was on the verge of tears because of love they gift. I hope they know how much I AM THANKFUL, how much I CHERISH, and how much I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!! I will keep all this wonderful memories and moments in my heart!!!!!!!!”

-Aika, Summer 2015 and 2016



How I can describe this whole two months in several sentences? So I just answered that it was wonderful and exciting. But this words is nothing. Because I will never be able to know right words even on Russian language, because it was more then words. It is feeling that comes from my heart! Some of my friends told me that I changed. I became calm and confident they said. I don’t know. But thing that I know for sure that in America in Florida in Nocatee I have some special people that I really love!!!

-Sasha, Summer 2016 and 2017

bekaI loved absolutely everything about this program! The Greatest Exchange  gave me more than going to America and practicing my English, it let me create and maintain a lifelong relationship (friendship) with so many people! I was so blessed to be there and be part of the program! The Greatest Exchange makes the world smaller!  Thank you for letting us become like a member of your family and be fullyimmersed in the American way of life! I just want to say them that my gratitude knows no bounds!

-Beka, Summer 2015


“My favorite part about The Greatest Exchange program was living with host families. I enjoyed being part of their life. You can actually feel how all the family members love you even before you arrive to America. Even being far away from your own home, you do not feel lonely thanks to all this people around you. We met many-many wonderful people and made a lot of friends.  I learned how much you can do for the people you love.

-Aiman, Summer 2016 and 2017

aisulu“I definitely think everything I experienced during that summer had a huge impact on my life. In what way? First of all, the great opportunities of full time job in American company, which I think was the best way to get to know American culture from inside and out. Second, of course people, a lot of different people I am still in touch with. Last, but not least, being inside of community was a great spiritual experience for me.

-Aisulu, Summer 2014

moldir“My Greatest Exchange experience  was a wonderful time of my life.  Every person I met has a special place in my heart.  All my families were the absolute best! I had lot of opportunities and made new friends. It was an unforgettable time with everyone.

-Moldir, Summer 2016