greatest exchange host families: summer 2015 need.

miracle making takes people.

Each  summer, The Greatest Exchange brings international students to the Jacksonville/Ponte Vedra/Nocatee area for the experience of a lifetime.

The Exchangers work full-time at various camps throughout town, and engage with a few strategic families in the surrounding area.  Of these families, the most important is the host family– those truly sharing life with these students.

If you desire to love the nations in your backyard, consider adopting a miracle that has  never experienced true love, grace, and the true meaning of “home”.


This 8-week commitment will include loving on, teaching, serving, and ultimately sharing life with these Exchangers. Opening their home and investing in the students, these families will be the key relationship in introducing them to the true meaning of love, grace, and family. Host families will also commit to supporting the activities of the overall IMG_0201Greatest Exchange Program. All Exchangers will spend four nights a week out of the home, and three with their host families. Host families will be responsible for dinner those three nights a week. Grocery cards will be given to cover breakfast and lunch for the Exchangers.

Host families will go through training sessions to prepare for the students, as well as a debriefing class after the exchangers leave.

The Greatest Exchange is looking for families in all shapes and sizes to commit for 4, 6, or 8 weeks to host these students during their stay: within June 8- August 8. If you are interested in hosting an Exchanger, or would like more information on the program, please contact Kelly Ray at, or (904) 535-2098.

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