one hundred.

Early on, it was important to me that our first student who came to America was able to take back 100% of the money she earned.  So she lived in my home to forego living expenses, had many meals and clothes covered and provided by the community, and ultimately her plane trip was paid for by local supporters.

We believe these students need 100% of the money they earn working hard in their American summer jobs.  At The Greatest Exchange, we commit to provide employment and host families free of charge to the students.  The goal is to have enough supporters so that no student that comes to America through our program will have to pay for their flights, visas, and government fees.  It’s attainable by American standard,  and life-changing by Kazakh standard.  This is the first opportunity we have to lay down our lives for the sake of something greater than ourselves.

So 100% of the money given to The Greatest Exchange is given directly to the future students.  Recruiting trip costs, hosting fees, job search fees are privately funded through the board of directors because we so believe in providing everything we can to these students.

So 100% of any dollar given goes directly to a student looking for a miracle.  And the best part is-you may even have the chance to meet.

For ways to give, click HERE.

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