kz round three- a recap.

kz round three= success!   Ten days in Kazakhstan.  Hundreds of college students.  Dozens of interviews.  Five days of university classes.   And we have found the FOUR GIRLS that will be coming to America next summer- our next four exchangers! As we prepare for the next summer with four more, stay tuned for more…

why “inbound” is more than a method.

Now I’m a bit of a marketing nerd, so you’ll have to bear with me.  But this is my favorite way to show the birth of the Greatest Exchange. “Inbound Marketing” is a buzz word in the marketing world.  The methodology is that you don’t go out looking for new leads, you help them to…

one hundred.

100% of all donations to The Greatest Exchange are used to bring more orphans to America.

the story.

learn why we just knew we had to bring The Greatest Exchange to life.