summer 2019- the summer of JOY {the greatest exchange}

HALFWAY through the summer, and still pinching ourselves in disbelief we get to do this!

The build-up for the summer program is truly remarkable. Katie goes in September to begin selecting these girls- we interview the girls and identify the team in November- the girls connect with their host families in January- visa interviews in February- get on a plane in KZ in May and land in Jacksonville 21 hours later. It takes 10’s of thousands of hours, thousands of dollars, 16 host families, 3 coordinators, and countless other logistics coming together to make this 10-week program happen. So hitting the halfway mark is surreal, to put it lightly.  

Every year has it’s own personality because the KZ girls that participate are so beautifully unique.

Please join us in celebrating all eight of our amazing girls this summer, and the 16 host families that made it possible..

We are still in need of meals for the girls’ final week here (debrief week). To sign up to serve in this way, please click here:

Full of joy and gratitude,

Kelly Ray

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