meet the summer 2016 team!

“This is my dream. I want this like nobody else, so I’m ready to endure hardship and to learn new things. This trip will be memorable, and will be a milestone in my life. I am sure that I will have good memories of this trip and I hope finally I’ll play beach volleyball and see the ocean with my own eyes.” -Gulassem, The Greatest Exchange Summer 2016

Gulassem is one of SIX girls that will be coming to America this summer!  As you all can see, these girls are beyond excited for the opportunity to be a part of families, experiences, and life here in America.  Join me in welcoming our 2016 team!

gulassemGulassem is a second year student at New Economic University.  Our nicknames for her during the interview process where “Bubbles” and “Gung-Ho” because she had loads of personality and didn’t stop smiling the whole time we were talking.  She loves to draw and paint, and is studying to be an International Economist.

Sasha is a first year student at New Economic sashaUniversity, and is studying Marketing.  She has an interesting background- she is Korean/ Russian, but was born in Kazakhstan.  Three words she uses to describe herself are “active, creative and curious.”  She is confident and personable, and will be a great fit as a summer camp counselor!

aimanAiman is a first year student, studying to be a Turkish and English Teacher for kids.  She was introduced to us by our friends in Kazakhstan, and has a warm and endearing personality.  She is very smart, and loves volleyball, basketball, and Zumba.  She is going to be a natural leader of the group.

moldirMoldir is a very good communicator.  She is a first year student at New Economic University, majoring in international relations.  We called her “note taker” throughout the interviewing process, because she was thorough, engaged, and attentive.  Moldir has a sweet personality and is very well spoken.  She longs to have conversations about similarities and differences, and wants to learn more about our culture and lives.

aikaLast but not least, our very own AIKA will be coming back again this year!  Aika is in her third year at university.  She is going to be our leader of the girls, and is SO excited about the opportunity to come back and continue the relationships she has built.  We all know her outgoing, open personality makes her loved by so many.

It becomes so much more real when you know their names, faces and stories. If you are interested in joining our team, please let me know.  I promise you, these girls are so excited to meet their new American families!

With Much Excitement,

Kelly Ray
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