photo gallery.

“My favorite part about The Greatest Exchange program was the relationships!  There are a lot of interesting, different people who really love you and really want to help you! This feeling is unforgettable.”

-Sasha, Summer 2016

aika hugflpicgroup piclaughingiceskating13321852_564326097060300_4880329693550517349_npaintwaraimanbeachdisneyvbsaisulusplacegandkristipeacekz3kz4kz5kz6nocatee GEkz210408664_476814252475416_3109047575008844051_nkanddana11667303_10152803388350989_1435827643585491501_nkz111209472_479136805576494_6492504727032511830_ncropped-fav-pic.jpg cropped-img_00614.jpg cropped-img_0027.jpg cropped-img_03191.jpg Aigul with Campers IMG_0313 IMG_0312 IMG_0311 IMG_0310 IMG_0308 IMG_0307 IMG_0305 IMG_0303 IMG_0302 IMG_0301 biscottisIMG_0304 IMG_0294 IMG_0293 IMG_0291 IMG_0288 IMG_0274 IMG_0258 IMG_0242 IMG_0170 IMG_0200 IMG_0201 IMG_0179 IMG_0160 IMG_0150 IMG_0151 IMG_0156IMG_0194 IMG_0001 IMG_0016 IMG_0063 IMG_0060 IMG_0292 IMG_0283 IMG_0299 IMG_0036 IMG_0211 IMG_0046 IMG_0117 IMG_0119


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